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Why you should not potty train your baby…

In the article “A Doctor Responds: Don’t Potty Train Your Baby” Steve Hodges, a pediatric urologist, explains why children before the age of 2 should not be potty trained.

Fish oil and the prevention of allergies in infants


Is sugar toxic?

Excellent article:  Is sugar toxic?  Worth the read.

What you need to know about your breast density, breast cancer and mammograms….

I highly recommend listening to this TED talk by Dr. Deborah Rhodes, an expert in managing breast cancer risk.

The density of your breasts determines how well a mammogram will pick up a tumour. Breast density decreases with age but many, many women, especially younger women who haven’t reached menopause, have dense breasts that reduce the efficacy of a mammogram.

Based on the current available technology, for women who haven’t gone through menopause and who have dense breasts, it is recommended a digital mammogram is used, rather than the film or regular mammogram, as this increases the ability for the radiologist to see the difference between breast tissue and a tumor.

Because x-rays are influenced by breast density, Dr. Rhodes started looking into other detection methods that didn’t use x-rays.  She and her team developed a breast cancer detection device using very low level gamma rays (which results in the same radiation exposure as a mammogram).  The MBI, the gamma ray tool she and her team developed, can capture very tiny tumors in dense breast tissue and can detect three times as many breast tumors as mammography in high risk (high breast density) women. She advocates the use of the MBI as an additional tool, not a replacement to mammograms.

Please watch this short talk and learn some key points every woman should know about breast cancer and breast density.

Whole Foods in Canada will stop selling non-sustainable fish

An update on where to buy fish:

Whole Foods will stop selling species of seafood from sources that are non-sustainable by April 22, 2013 (Earth Day).  In Canada, Whole Foods stores are working with the SeaChoice organization and their labelling system that shows which species are sustainable harvested.

SeaChoice has a colour-coded labelling system that allows you to see which species are sustainably harvested. Download the wallet sized chart you can carry with you.

I’d love to recommend some local, independent fish shops – please let me know when you find sustainably harvested fish in Vancouver.

Do you know your boundaries?

“Putting ourselves first isn’t selfish but a necessary step in life’s growth.  When we have appreciation for ourselves, others will too.  Because we teach people how to treat us.” –Goop newsletter on Boundaries

As a Naturopathic doctor I see many, many patients who either forget or don’t know how to value themselves, and this plays a big role in the progression of their disease.  Monica Berg’s elegant words remind me of the importance of how we treat ourselves inside.

West Vancouver Wellness Centre

Good afternoon,

I am now practicing at the West Vancouver Wellness Centre.  We offer a range of evidence-based, cutting edge, natural approaches for a wide variety of health conditions.  Come visit us on Saturdays for a free smoothie and an opportunity to ask questions about how we can help you take charge of your health.  I look forward to seeing you there!

In health,

Dr. Shannon